Hike Guidelines:

“Friends of the Umpqua” is a hiking club for people who enjoy being in the out-of-doors and sharing the benefits of group outdoor activities. FOU hike coordinators are not “leaders” but are volunteers who help organize and advise participants in specific FOU group activities.

1. People must be responsible for themselves. FOU is not responsible for anyone’s health or safety. Be aware that some hikes are more difficult than others and each person must use common sense about trail & hiking conditions.

2. Participants must come prepared for the activity according to the weather & trail conditions of the day, and their own abilities. Some recommendations according to conditions are: daypack, raingear, supportive footwear, water -- minimum 1 qt. (more for hot weather), lunch/snacks, proper clothes and hat, sunscreen and/or bug repellant as necessary, whistle, and other items as needed.

3. Hikers not familiar with the hike route should stay with others who know the trail. The group regulars should help new people keep on the designated trail. At trail junctions coordinators or members should make sure the people behind know which trail to take. If a person is confused about where he or she is, return to the last known correct trail section.. If a person is truly lost, the best procedure is to stay put and use a whistle and/or radio, stay calm and keep warm.

4. If hikers are going to deviate from the designated trail route they must inform others so that someone knows where they are.

5. Bringing pets is not discouraged but if present, must be on a leash and restrained from bothering other hikers or wildlife.

6. Car pool drivers should receive a fair compensation for the cost of their vehicle use. Discuss between car occupants. "Transportation to and from each hike is voluntarily arranged between participants and the club assumes no responsibility."  The club and/or drivers are not responsible for any injuries incurred during car pooling.

7. Please be courteous of others and the environment - remember we are guests in the outdoors.

8. Give a hoot, don’t pollute (old BLM saying). If you pack it in, pack it out.

9. It is always helpful to clean up trail trash and do some trail grooming if you can – strictly voluntary.

10. Enjoy the hike!

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Roseburg Oregon Hiking Club
Roseburg Oregon Hiking Club
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