Brice Creek and Trestle Falls - December 12, 2007
Coordinator Nettie Apland, narration and pictures by Nettie Apland

Saturday ten Friends of the Umpqua headed towards Cottage Grove and Dorena Lake. Twenty plus miles further we dropped a vehicle at the lower trailhead of Brice Creek for our shuttle. We began our hike at the upper trailhead with three of the group heading to Upper Trestle Falls. Seven of us did the trail to Lower Trestle and we all met together on the Brice Creek Trail for lunch. We were surprised and glad for the filtered sun shine since rain had been predicted. The lower hike including Lower Trestle Falls was 5.5 miles and the Upper Trestle hike turned out to be 6.7 miles. As we were leaving the rain did arrive. Lucky us.

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