South Jetty and Dunes - January 12, 2008
Coordinator Nettie Apland, narration and pictures by Nettie Apland

Saturday and it is raining off and on. We hope that it will have ended by the time we get to Florence, South Jetty Beach area. A bakers dozen, 13 of us, depart the vehicles at a parking lot and don our rain ponchos. We've checked the beach and there is still enough of it to walk on. High tide is at 2:30 and seven feet. Since there is wind and mist the beach is narrow and we are blown along with the foam. Someone sees ahead a wave that covers the beach so we head back and some of us get on top of the dunes and leave the receding beach to the brave of heart. It is energizing to be on the ocean but we are to experience even more. We take lunch by the river in the sun and watch the water rise as we eat. Going back to the entrance station we take a, plain to see, bush whack trail that heads to the top of the sand dunes and we are in for a treat. We hike the ridge toward the river and the town of Florence. The dunes ripple and roll down to the rivers edge and that is where most of the hikers go. Geoff, Phil, Richard the logger and I stay atop. Richard is there to keep sight of the low hikers and the high hikers. He is soo good don't you know.

We've been on the ocean and we've been on the desert sands. What a great hike. I'd say four miles all toll.

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