Spencer Butte - March 22, 2008
Coordinator Ray Jensen, narration and pictures by Nettie Apland and Richard O'Neill

The weather was gorgeous this hike day – sunny and mild temperatures. This was a shuttle hike near Eugene from Blanton Rd to Spencer Butte to Spencer Butte Parking Lot – a total of about 5 ½ miles and about 1100 ft elevation gain.

14 club hikers left Blanton Rd on the Ridgeline Trail and proceeded approximately 2 miles to Willamette St. The mixed forest of hardwoods and evergreens along with the abundant ferns and large amounts of moss provided a very vibrant green landscape along with the sun streaming through the tree canopy. A few trilliums and other wild flowers were blooming also. After crossing Willamette St we continued on the Ridgeline Tr – muddy in places from the recent rains - towards Spencer Butte with the same vibrant green landscape. Spencer Butte is a rock mass which requires hiking (clambering) up over 500 ft. in the last ½ mile. The views were worth it however as we ate our lunch and gazed at the 360 o views. The citys of Eugene, Springfield, and The Three Sisters, Mt Jefferson, Mt Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt June, and others were clearly seen - it was gorgeous with full sun. Then it was down and out to Spencer Butte Parking Lot where we had a shuttle car.

After gathering all cars and hikers we loaded up, and some of us went down to Prince Pucklers on 19th St for some of the best homemade ice cream we have ever had (Mandarin Chocolate was scrumptious). Too bad some missed it. A fitting end to a great day.

Happy Trails

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