North Bank Habitat - April 19, 2008
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia

Looking out the window on Saturday morning, April 19th, I was surprised to see snow falling "It's April for crying out loud" and I thought to myself "this can't last long" and sure enough, we had sucker sunshine as we met at the parking lot and then at the western North Bank trailhead. (Definition of "Sucker Sunshine" is when the sun shines just long enough for one to be committed to a certain distance from any shelter, then the sun disappears.) 

It was a hardy group on Saturday of fourteen people who were betting on the spring season vanquishing the snow. We went straight up the trail from the parking lot. The faster hikers set a good pace and were soon out of sight of our new hiker, a grandmother and her grandson, who realized her limitations and turned back after several miles going down the way we came. Geoff and an unidentified man from the parking lot who joined us, Ray, Linda and Lois the coordinator continued on, not that far back but still out of sight. Ray kept Geoff and the unidentified company in tow while Linda and Lois plodded on ahead.

As we progressed, the clouds lowered and soon we had sleet, followed by hail of various sizes then a sweeping snow storm. The weather was so drastic and dramatic that it was more interesting than uncomfortable and the hills are steep enough that climbing kept us warm. We could see curtains of snow blanking out more distant hills. It was an exhilarating hike, the weather made it so exiting that one didn't feel as tired as usual going the eight miles. Needless to say, lunches were eaten in the car or at home. The next morning, the hills were covered in snow, we were so lucky that we got our hike in the day before. 

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