Trail Work - Canton Creek Falls Trail - Wednesday June 11, 2008Date
Coordinator Ray Jensen, narration and pictures by Ray Jensen

7 of the Friends of the Umpqua hiked and cleared Canton Creek Falls trail. Last year apparently the Motley Crew did some major work on trail and widened, rerouted some, and cut and notched logs all the way to falls. The work they did was amazing considering the shape the trail was in prior. Only saw one large downed tree since then and it was navigable. Thanks to all of the Motley Crew - great work.

Using axes, lopers, and saw we cut many downed small trees and cut brush and branches all the way to the falls. It is now in the best shape I have ever seen. Pretty good considering that the FS does not place this on their "to do" list so it gets no official attention. Of course the creek crossings are still treachorous this time of year - very slippery footing and jumbled logs which will always be a problem after each winter. I was able to cut a notch in the root ball of the tree lying across creek at first crossing so now you should be able to cross atop it.

Pass the word to come and enjoy a beautiful hike.

Gorgeous day and thanks to all members who participated.


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