Cape Blanco to Sixes River - September 20, 2008
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Diane Rannow

This was a hike with many changes of plan. It was scheduled to be to Crater Peak in the Crater Lake National Park with Richard as Coordinator. The Rattle Fire and assorted fires in the Park smoked the view and closed highway 138. Influenza did its toll on Richard. The hike was switched to Cape Blanco and Lois volunteered to be coordinator in place of the ailing Richard. The group gathered at the courthouse and made the trip to the Sixes River boat ramp by Cape Blanco. The Sixes River was behaving very strangely with very high water, which led to another change. The group, led by Jane and Diane, veered off the usual route and followed the river to the ocean slushing through the marsh. Some hikers got to see river otter in the river. The explanation for the river’s behavior was made apparent when the group reached the ocean, the Sixes river was cut off from the ocean by a bank of sand damming the river and forcing it into the marsh and up its banks. Because the river was dammed, some members of the group were able to hike clear up to Blacklock Point, others turned back part way. The group then hiked up to the lighthouse which was open and the members climbed the winding tower steps to the top.

Descending from the lighthouse, the hikers then trudged along the cliffs back to the Sixes River Boat Ramp where Geoff and Alan and the cars were parked. It was about a seven mile hike but not the expected seven miles. The spotting of the otters and the unusual river formation made it a very interesting hike which was worth the wet feet suffered in the marsh. The weather was perfect.

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