Larison Creek - January 24, 2009
Coordinator Jane Flewelling, narration and pictures by Nettie Apland

Saturday, nine of us head out Hwy 58 to Larison Creek which is just past the town of Oakridge. The temperature was cold so everyone snugged up with hats and gloves.  A lot of the snow had melted from the second half of the trail but still there were snowy areas.  Jane marked the tree where we had in the pre hike  decided to make an arrow to drop down to the creek and the waterfall there.

It was nice to have Al and Peggy with us once again.  The three miles in to the waterfall didn't seem very far so after lunch Jane and five others headed further down the trail to make sure we were at the right water fall.  Geoff, Tony and I headed back to the autos and when the gang arrived they told of another waterfall with more rushing water than the stair stepped falls we ate our lunch by.  Just a half mile more, fifteen minutes down the trail, to a real path leading down to the waterfall. After they described it to me I recognized the place as the waterfall Allan and Diane and I and Geoff had been to in a previous year.  Of which I am including two pictures from 2004.  I'm sure this is the one they described to me.

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