Brice Creek - March 21, 2009e
Coordinator Gary and Nancy Waugaman, narration by Gary Waugaman and pictures by Nettie Apland

It’s late March and nearly 20 volunteers head to Brice Creek, east of Cottage Grove. All but a few of our intrepid group head immediately uphill (a 900 foot gain in one mile) to view the Upper Trestle Creek Falls (a 2 mile loop), the rest head down-trail to take the short (.6 mile in/out) trail to view the Lower Trestle Creek Falls. We all meet for lunch at Lund Park (which is not a “park”, but a wayside named after Alex Lundgren and Tom Parker) where the rain holds off just long enough to finish lunch. After lunch we all stroll down-trail to where we have cleverly stashed a shuttle vehicle. A good hike was had by all.

Now for the rest of the story....

There were four slow hikers that only did the 2.5 miles to Upper Trestle falls and back to the parking area.

Deciding to hike the mile to Upper Trestle falls and hike back to the car, we talked all but three of the hikers to do upper Trestle and then the creek trail to the lower trailhead. Of course they moved right out and we never saw them again. We strolled up the trail, saw a mushroom, took a picture. Took movies of the thundering waterfall and walked behind the falls. It was wet but lovely. By the time we got back to the car we were drenched and then the sun came out. We ate our lunch in the car and left shortly after. We passed the lower trailhead parking and the shuttle vehicle was still there so figured the club hikers were still doing the five plus miles.

We were happy to be dry and to have seen the lovely water fall.

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