Sunset Beach to Shore Acres - March 7, 2009
Coordinator Diane Rannow, narration by and pictures by Nettie Apland

Fourteen of us in four vehicles headed to the coast.  The sun was out at the coast but the wind was also.  Buttoned up with hats and gloves eleven of the hikers took the trail at Sunset Beach and headed up to Shore Acres. 

Diane, Allan and I tarried at Sunset beach and watched a surfer take his board out into the cold water and ride a short wave back in.  We jumped into our car and met the gang at the next pull out and looked at the lighthouse before we jumped into the car again and parked at the pull out past Shore Acres.

That put us hiking down into the cove from the far side while the group checked out the eroded sandstone cliff tops.  We all met in the gardens for lunch and pulled off our coats while we sat in the warm sun to eat.  Diane, Allan and I did check out the cliff tops on the far side of the cove and then jumped into our car and checked out the Simpson Reef viewing station.The tide was way out and so not many sea lions or seals on the rocks.

Finally at Cape Arago, when the group arrived from their 4.5 miles hike,Diane collected the drivers of the other cars and took them back to get their vehicles.  I hurried down to Arago's cove to see if I could find any tide pool creatures.  I saw just a few stars and green anemones.

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