Lower Table Rock - April 4, 2009
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It was a springtime hike in every way. Starting out foggy and cold in Roseburg, the fog lifted as we traveled south, finally giving us an absolutely beautiful sparkling spring day. The view of Mt. McLoughlin was incredible, we could see the snow sparkle as the view disappeared and reappeared as we climbed up the 780 feet to the top of the mesa. The size of the group set a record, thirty-three hikers in all. The convoy traveled to the trailhead arriving in several batches, Chris Roe with a friend had preceded us there. Craig Brumett had started out at the crack of dawn and fulfilled a resolution to climb to the top of the hill of the matching table rock to the north, meeting up with the group on his triumphant way down. Because of the invigorating day, the group was hard to corral for group pictures, and didn’t even wait for Linda before starting up to the top.

On arrival at the top, some hikers veered off to the left for the gorgeous views to the south, then went on to the end of the runway to peer over the edges and have lunch in the sun. Others disappeared for a while investigating the edge of the mesa. Munching a sandwich while watching the turkey vultures surf the air currents below and McLoughlin in the vista, provided all the rewards necessary for hiking the 5.4 miles. The purple fawn lilies ,(Erythronium), were out but it was a little early in the season for later blooming spring flowers.

Intrepid Jane led some of the group to the almost overgrown trail, down the swale and on over to the other side of the volcanic horseshoe that forms Table Rock, and then back to go down the way we came up. Hikers chose just how far each wanted to travel so the group was scattered all over the top of the mesa and the trail down, but all were grateful for their day in the spring sun. Allan and Carol were expecially grateful to make it home, even in a tow truck.

Larry Broeker, Forest Service Geologist made the geology more understandable.

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