Grave Creek to Whisky Creek Cabin, Rogue River Trail - April 18, 2009
Coordinator Jane Flewelling, narration by Diane Rannow and pictures by Diane Rannow and Nettie Apland

A group hike on the 18th of April.  At Grave Creek 22 hikers started out on the narrow rocky trail that has been  blasted out of the basalt cliffs above the Rogue River.  Two turned back because of the exposure to the sheer drop down to the river. 

Flowers started right away with red larkspur, scarlet fritillary, blue ookow, cliff growing yellow monkey flower with it's red dotted tongue, purple larkspur and we even came across a mauve or pinkish larkspur which of course required pictures.  The red indian paint brush and white water leaf were just budding . White woodland star and fields of pink sea blush covered the cliffs.

Most hikers lunched at the cabin at Whisky Creek,  3.5 miles down trail. A few stopped at Rainie falls camping area  just 2 miles down trail or further on at China Gulch.  The day started out just great but by the 2 pm hour the sun was hot and the trail hotter.  The heat even dried up the slick crossing enough to jump across part of it. 

A beautiful day and hike.

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