Coos Bay Spit - August 22, 2009
Coordinator Carolyn Werner, narration by Carolyn Werner

This was a hike of discoveries as 12 hikers, willing to walk the full mile in soft sand down the North Dike Road to the beautiful blue Pacific, were soon to learn. After reaching the beach and the welcome hard sand we came upon what appeared to be the vertebrae of whale. It was far above the water line so was likely only recently uncovered by wind driven sand. The piece was about 6 feet long and 6 units. Close by there was yet another piece of the skeleton with odd bone structures protuding from its central part (????)

The weather was dry and breezy and a lunch break was enjoyed complete with sea views about another mile down the beach. After lunch we scaled the dune and embarked on the trail system that would lead us to the bay side of the spit and ultimately to the WWII bunkers on that side.

The trails are sketchily marked and some not at all. Even though we had prehiked this forested dune we had yet to come out at any preplanned place and this day would be no exception. The trails are a combination of soft sand and fir needle packed sand. The newly intitiated hike coordinator made a slight wrong turn that brought us all to the next wonderful discovery of the day.

The remnants of the old Coast Guard State House where pople lived, that was in use until the early 1950’s. All that remained was a large cement foundation, two sets of entry steps and piles of bricks. Before the trees grew up in front of the site it must have had a killer view of the bay and the mainland beyond. 

Continuing on this unmarked, unfamiliar trail we arrived just a few yards from the bunkers. There are two bunkers side by side in very good condition considering thier age. We were unable to visit the even larger third bunker 100 yards down the beach because the tide was rising quickly and we needed the hard sand beach to hike the mile back to our cars. 

It was a great day for hike and great day at the beach! Complete with new discoveries for all of us.

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