Crater Lake Rim - August 8, 2009
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Lane Harris

On August 8, 2009, nine hikers gambled that they could access Crater Lake via Hwy 138 which had been closed for almost a week because of the Williams Creek fire. The trip along the North Umpqua Hwy was fascinating because traces of the fire were still visible, including some areas along the road which were still smoking and there were remains of huge trees which had burned and crashed on the road and were just barely removed to the side of the road.

The hike started at the Merriam Overlook. Six hikers climbed to Watchman Tower for a wonderful, if somewhat hazy view. At Watchman Tower, Gary received a round of applause from onlookers as he dangled over the fire watch tower wall (Jane and Nancy holding him by the legs) to retrieve a bit of lunchtime garbage. Then they and the others followed the PCT up to the Rim Village where shuttle cars were parked. Parking wasn't easy as the park had more people in it than I have ever seen in all my years going there. The views along the way were enhanced by the clouds floating above the lake which made shadows on the water and caused myriad colors in the serene lake. Two members climed Garfield peak for more exercise and more scenery fix. It was decided that the next time the club did this hike, it would start at the Rim Village and go more downhill by ending at Merriam Overlook. This is always a satisfying hike and this expedition was no exception.

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