Crater Rim to Rough Rider Falls, Upper Rogue River Trail - September 5, 2009
Coordinator Jane Flewelling, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Lane Harris

This was supposed to be a Richard Hike up Mt Bailey but the weather gods did not cooperate. The forecast called for rain mixed with snow and winds gusting up to 30mph so the destination was changed to an 8.5 mile shuttle hike alongside the Upper Rogue River.

I was second guessing myself at the start as we started in a scrawny lodgepole forest in sunlight. However, the sun didn't last long, we were under clouds within a half-hour. While walking in the lodgepole, we heard a tree fall nearby.

The Rogue River showed up and right before our very eyes a gorge formed as the river cut deeper and deeper into the volcanic ash left by Mt Mazama about 7,000 years ago. The trail stayed high and eventually the river disappeared into the gorge below. 

About 4 miles in there was a massive waterfall below; Ray, Jay, and I scrambled down the steep slope a little bit but we could only see pieces of the falls. I'll have to come here with a rapelling rope next time. 

The rain arrived, as promised and it was a soggy hike into the canyon and to Rough Rider Falls. We ate lunch by the falls and a few of us scrambled to the bottom of the falls for a photo op. We also nibbled on fat blueberries that grew near the river. As we left, the rain let up and it was then a relatively dry hike to the southern trailhead.

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