Fall Creek Trail - November 28, 2009
Coordinator Gary and Nancy Waugaman, narration by Gary Waugaman

It is two days after Thanksgiving 2009 and six hikers head into a brisk (mid-40’s) morning to hike the 4.7 mile 3rd segment of the Fall Creek Trail. Dexter Reservoir was very pretty as we crossed over the bridge on our journey to the trailhead. We dropped a shuttle car at Road 1828 and started the hike at Road 1833. No rain this day, but plenty of evidence of recent rain. Fall Creek was as pretty as ever and two of our group surprised 3 somewhat large deer ambling down the trail ... they immediately took off (the deer did). It’s amazing how agile deer can be when they are properly motivated.

We found a soft, but damp, log for lunch by the creek.
After crossing the bridge over the Fall Creek near the end of our hike we had to scramble over a good sized tree that fell from the opposite side ... leaving a magnificent mass of splintered read heartwood to admire.

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