Tahkenitch Dunes - December 12, 2009
Coordinator Ray Jensen, narration and pictures by Ray Jensen

This hike started on a cold rainy day in Roseburg. Consequently most people decided against hiking this day and I couldn’t blame them. Lois, John, Linda and I headed for the coast not knowing whether we would have to turn around because of ice on the roads. We did find some icy spots but by the time we got to Elkton the weather looked more promising. The temperature stayed at 34 degrees from Roseburg until almost Reedsport but the elk didn’t seem to mind at all. Now, as Lois commented, we need to gloat.

By the time we hit the trail at Tahkenitch Campground we had just a very light drizzle, and by time we got to Three Mile Lake the sun came out and it was a warm approximately 50 degrees with just a breeze! We were in heaven after the cold we have had in Roseburg lately. We ate lunch at the usual spot overlooking a very calm ocean with plenty of crab boats and floating flocks of birds – it was a gorgeous sight.

We proceeded to Three Mile Lake overlook, over to the ocean (no wet feet), and up the beach at low tide to Tahkenitch Creek. I gave Linda a ‘half dollar’ and some pretty shells for wampum and Lois a dead crab so she didn’t have to buy one. Then up the big sand dune and back to the parking lot. All in record time I might add. The only bad thing was I left my camera in the truck so you’ll have to take my word that it turned out to be a great sunny day on the coast.

We were so early we drove to Winchester Bay and feasted on smoked Chinook Salmon and all brought home freshly caught crab (season just started). (I guess Lois didn’t want my crab I found on the beach). Then on to Tomaselli’s for pastry for my sweet tooth.

It was a nice hike and a great relief from the recent cold dreary weather in Roseburg – gloat, gloat!

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