Riverview Trail - January 23, 2010
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Rheo Wheeler and Ray Jensen

On January 23, 2010, eight people turned out for a hike on the River View Trail. At the parking lot, it was cold and foggy. A deputy sheriff stopped his patrol car where we were meeting to “check usout” . (Are we beginning to look like hard cases???) Lois asked him if there was ice on 138 and he checked with a buddy who reported that there was ice at Toketee. Setting up a caravan of three cars, we made our way to the trailhead parking lot with no ice problems. We left a car at Bogus Creek for a shuttle, no one seemed to want to do the eight miles to Fall Creek Falls. The day got better and better, some sun was peeking out, even though there was ice along the roadside.

As we hiked along the trail, the sun prevailed and it was beautiful hiking weather. The charred remains of trees burned in the Williams’s Creek fire were awesome reminders of the cataclysmic firestorm of last summer. 

The trail has been bulldozed all along the old roadway making for soft and muddy footing. We saw numerous burnt tree trunks that had been removed from the road. When we got to Bogus Creek where the hike was scheduled to finish, five members decided to press on to Fall Creek Falls because hiking was just too nice to quit there. Linda, Camelle and Lois hiked down to shuttle the cars from Steamboat to Fall Creek Falls. 

Linda and Lois hiked up to the top of Fall Creek Falls and met the group for lunch in the sunshine. Does this club have some wonderful weather arrangement with the powers that be? It was such a beautiful day followed the next day which was cold, nasty and rainy. Again, we lucked out!

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