Little Grayback Trail and Squaw Mountain - April 17, 2010
Coordinator Jane Flewelling, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Lane Harris

Many, many moons ago I discovered the Little Grayback Trail. Well, I really didn't discover it as it's been there at least many, many, many moons. But at any rate, it was such a neat discovery (or not, as the case may be) that I had to bring my friends back. It was almost a carbon copy of the day I went, about 4 weeks prior. The sun was out, the skies were blue. And why do I say skies, when there is only one sky? But, I digress. The Red Buttes and the higher peaks of the Siskiyous were white and snowy, stretching out like a string of pearls starting with Dutchman Peak and culminating in (Big) Grayback Peak. The grassy slopes of Little Grayback dropped off at our feet as we overlooked the rugged valley of the Squaw Creek drainage. It was a couple of hours of oohing and aahing at the views before we stopped in a parklike setting underneath the Ponderosas with a birds-eye view of Squaw Lake.

After lunch, some of us continued up to the summit of Squaw Mountain. The steep road was covered in snow, and hasn't that been a familiar refrain this spring? However, as the road circled around the mountain, the constant sun had long since melted the snow on the south side.

At the summit was a lookout which looked like it was being remodeled, probably for a rental. If so, it'd be a room with a view as we enjoyed a 360 degree panorama of the high peaks, the lesser foothills extending all the way to the farmlands of the Applegate Valley.

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