Brice Creek and Trestle Falls - April 3, 2010
Coordinator Camille Simon, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

We only had 9 hikers yesterday. Four of our strongest hikers, Richard, Ray, Rheo and Jane were not with us. Richard and Ray were scouting out a future hike down past Grants Pass. 

This time we drove North to Cottage Grove then turned east past Dorena Lake to Brice creek. We started off at about 1900 feet and climbed up to about 2900 feet to the base of a water falls. We did see quite a bit of snow but the day was beautiful and excellent for hiking. Richard as I mentioned was not with us so no fabulous pictures this time. One interesting feature was walking behind the water falls. Hope you can make it out okay.

Lots of old growth trees and an amazing number that have fallen and are now covered with moss and fern.

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