Dread and Terror Segment, North Umpqua Trail - May 15, 2010
Coordinator Gary and Nancy Waugaman, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Lane Harris

Twenty-seven (27) intrepid adventurers left the Courthouse parking lot for a daring exploration of a portion of the “Dread & Terror” section of the North Umpqua Trail on this marvelous Saturday in May. Sullivan’s notes that the “Dread & Terror” section of the trail is named for a nearby ridge that frightened early fire fighters because of its impenetrable thickets. We almost had three more hikers, but they belonged to the Native Plant Society group and had to back out. The weather was great and Surprise and Columnar Falls performed as expected: amazing the first timers and providing enjoyment to those who have hiked this in the past. We ventured past the “lunch log” as our log by the river is now known ... although the name does sound like something served in elementary school (“we’’re having a lunch log today kids”) ... past the boggy area, up the hill and on for a total of about 3-miles from the trailhead. A few hikers went further, and stopped for lunch. Most of us doubled back to the “lunch log” and enjoyed the sight and sound of the mighty North Umpqua while we enjoyed out lunches.

Rheo spotted a bear on the opposite side of the river and was able to get a photo, which she promises to share. She also took a photo of most of our group. Some folks were still hiking at the time we had to take the photo, people were ready to go home and we couldn’t wait for everyone to get back to the trailhead.

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