Cow Creek Trail - August 21, 2010
Coordinator Gary Waugaman, pictures by Bill Riley

Fourteen hikers enjoyed a marvelously cool 6.5-mile (predominantly downhill) stroll along the Cow Creek Trail. The group made at least 5 creek crossings, which varied in degree of difficulty, without incident. Some boots got wet, but no one went “swimming”. Lunch was taken creek-side, in the shade … very nice.

Footnote from Bill Riley's account:
Leaving one car at the end of the trail ,we traveled 11.5 miles up to the start of the trail. We were told from a vantage point one could see Mount McLaughlin on a clear day. It was too hazy yesterday to really see much.

Over all we descended 1,700 feet from the start. The only hindrance or in some cases pleasure,was having to ford the creek numerous times. Some of the "longer legged hikers" like Donte and Jay were able to hop across on stones. Other more conservative hikers elected to wade. Cow creek was quite pretty, cool and peaceful though perhaps not quite as spectacular as the Brice Creek hike East of Cottage grove. We did see quite a lot of edible plants including thimble berries, huckleberries and wild blackberries.

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