Vivian Lake - October 2, 2010
Coordinator Rick and Jacky Sohn, narration and pictures by Rick and Jacky Sohn

20 people gathered under a cloudy sky with some drizzle at the Douglas County Library in Roseburg, eagerly hoping for a nice fall day. We were rewarded with clear blue skies at the higher elevation, for our hike from Salt Creek Falls to Vivian Lake on October 2. The trail was moderate, but had some some steep sections that invigorated ourhearts. The railroad track we crossed, high in the mountains, seemed out of place. The constant sound of rushing water from Fall Creek was a reminder of where we were.

We hiked through a forest dominated by hemlocks. The earlier rains brought out a rich collection of mushrooms, ranging from those growing out of pine cones, to large specimens over a foot across, poking out of the needle-covered forest floor. Blue, red, purple, yellow,brown, orange, and many shades of tan and white mushrooms added to the landscape. Whenever the base of a tree had a conk on it, one could look up and discover that it was actually a remnant snag. Beargrass was plentiful, marking the paths all the way to Vivian Lake. Berries abounded, from the red seeds of star flowers and Solomon seals, to blueberries and huckleberries near the lake. Some hikers collected mushrooms.

The lakes were a quiet contrast to the waterfalls. The water color shaded to deep blue in the depths of the lake, in the clear, sunny skies. Some took advantage of the warm day to refresh in the lake.

We departed on our hike around 10:30 am and the meanderers had returned by 4:00 pm. Total hike distance exceeded 9 miles for those who took the long route back, past the Diamond Creek and Salt Creek waterfalls. Total elevation gain on this hike was 1600 feet.

Lois and Jane set a fast pace for the younger folks, while relative newcomers Jon and Jeannie took a leisurely pace, and completed the entire hike. All agreed that this was a beautiful hike on a beautiful day.

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