Dellenback Dunes - November 27, 2010
Coordinator John Malone, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Richard O'Neill and Bill Riley

On Saturday, 27 NOV 2010 ten Friends of the Umpqua Hike Club, including three visitors, Lois's daughter from Northern Washington/Canada and Vic and Adam from California joined leader John Malone on a three plus hour hike across the Dellenback Dunes on the Oregon Coast.

Except for very brief sprinkle during our lunch break the weather was good, giving a great view of the huge sand dunes. Ray pointed out patches of imported European grass which is taking root and stabalizing areas of the dunes.

Over the years some of the area have actually developed into Tree Islands. Although the grass and trees stabalize the land, some feel that eventually we will lose the unique beauty of theĀ moving sands.

It was especially interesting to see how the wind moves the sand into very high peaks in some areas yet leaves deep holes in others. Fortunately Ray did not find or sink into any areasĀ of quick sand though he did end up wading in one spot.

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