North Bank Habitat - January 1, 2011
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration and pictures by Richard O'Neill, Bill Riley and Diane Rannow

On New Year’s Day 2011, fourteen hardy souls braved the ice and snow that a winter storm brought them for a New Year’s  offering, and climbed  the snowy hills of the North Bank Habitat.  The climate was such that the News Review reporter who writes up our hike announcements pronounced us “relentless” when presented with our hike announcement. The club’s editor responded by describing  the members as “gluttons for punishment”, this applying to some more than others.

Actually, the hike was quite lovely with some areas of blue sky alternating with dips down into the fog as we ascended or descended the trails leading to the ridges along the Habitat.  Being of a cautious nature, not to say “Mother Hen”, an alternate route was chosen by the hike coordinator,  so the group started the hike  at the East Trail Head and  climbed up  to the Middle Ridge Road rather than taking the higher trails with their accumulation of snow.

At the top, most of the group descended the Middle Ridge Road Trail going either to the eastern trail head or the western trail head, depending where their car was parked.   Two of our more adventuresome members,  John and Richard, (is there an echo here  of “glutton”) chose to take the longer, steeper route  up to the North Boundary  on top  then down to the Western Trail Head.   Both groups spotted LARGE cougar tracks in the snow.   In other words the group scattered like a flock of chickens but everyone who wanted to finished the day with lunch chez Lois  with earlier arrivals handling the hostess duties until she got the last two chicks gathered up.  Spectacular scenery made every step up or down worth the effort.  Blue sky, Mt. Scott looming in the snow, fog drifting over the canyons even a helicopter buzzing the group  made for an exhilarating day.

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