Riverview Trail - January 8, 2011
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler, narration by Rheo Wheeler and pictures by Rheo Wheeler and Bill Riley

Saturday Jan. 8th only 5 hardy souls left the courthouse to join another 4 game members at colliding rivers to trek the river view trail. Somewhat damp but only cloudy, the 9 of us headed from Steamboat to Fall Creek.

Once the trail joins the fire road we could hike at least 3 or 4 abreast, so much conversation ensued on our 6 mile hike to the top of Fall Creek Falls. We had our lunch in the glorious sunshine before heading down the Fall Creek trail where the sun disappeared and the temperature felt 10 degrees cooler.

No rain, sunshine for lunch, great views of the swollen river, and thundering waterfalls. Another Great Hike.

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