Mount Pisgah - February 5, 2011
Coordinator Nettie Apland and Jane Flewelling, narration by Nettie Apland and pictures by Nettie Apland and Diane Rannow

The club hike was fortunate in that it did not rain as predicted and even though there was a multitude of people using the trails it seemed there was no congestion. Probably because a lot of the people on the trails were runners and were gone in a flash. 

There were 18 hikers in our group which took trail number three out of the North Trailhead and that kept us off the main graveled track until the 700' elevation where we picked up trail # 1 to the top. The 1000' elevation gain was a good workout and coming back down the unimproved trails of #6 and #3 gave us the impression we were alone on the mount. 

We, four of us slow hikers, saw the group at the start and for a few moments at lunch and then to say adios at the parking lot but that is the way our hikes go. There are those that are fast and strong and those of us that are slower and take pictures. It is a great group of people. It was nice that John thought it was a " proper hike". 

It was an interesting note that Susan asked if I had ever seen a bench in memory of Don McLane and when we got to the intersection of Trail #1 and #3 there it was.

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