Brice Creek - April 30, 2013
Coordinator Gary Waugaman, pictures by Nettie Apland

Fourteen  adventurers showed up to hike the several routes available along Brice Creek. Of the five who went to the Upper Trestle Creek Falls, four of that group also went to the Lower Trestle Creek Falls, and big shout out to those four hikers (they covered about 8 miles).

The other nine hikers took the lower trail and visited only the Lower Trestle Creek Falls. One of that group continued all the way to the lower trailhead while all the other hikers ended their hiking day at the Cedar Creek Campground. Everyone got in the amount of hiking they were looking for, a good day had by all. Thanks to Nettie’s urging, the Forest Service cleared all the trees that were across the trail so our path was easy.

While scooting under and clambering over fallen trees can be quite invigorating, it can also get a bit muddy in early Spring. We didn’t miss the downed trees. As an additional note we encountered five Obsidians from Eugene that were hiking the trail that day. We outnumbered them, but they were a bit faster than our group ... or perhaps we just spent more time enjoying the scenery.

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