Rosary Lakes and Maiden Peak Shelter - July 23, 2011
Coordinator Ray Jensen, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Bill Riley and Richard O'Neill

On 23 July 2011, 27 hikers traveled from Roseburg north and east past  Oakridge to the Willamette Pass for a hike under leadership of Ray. Due to size of group and need for briefing it was 0815 before we left the parking lot in Roseburg and about noon before we actually got started on our hike. The first portion was an 11 minute ride up a 6 person gondola lift to the top of one mountain.  On our way up Richard stood up to take a picture back down the line to the lodge. When he did the gondolas stopped. After he sat back down the cars started up again. After a while he stood up again to get another picture and this time the cars did not stop so we concluded his action had not caused the cars to stop. Normally the cable runs continuously and people have to get on and off the gondola as it is moving. Perhaps the operator did stop it once to give a person more time to get into the gondola.

The view from there was incredible. Richard was able to identify the surrounding mountain peaks which ranged from Mt. Thielson, Mt. Bailey, Cowhorn, Mt. Jeff, Three Sisters, Crater Lake rim, and more. It was beautiful to see all the snow even in July. Although it was supposed to have been 88 degrees in Roseburg it was a most pleasant day in the 70's at our 6000+ foot elevation. Not a cloud in the sky. We did walk through a few patches of snow which was crusty and slippery. Lois took a tumble but Richard was not quick enough to get it recorded. After about an hour our group split in to two with ten of us taking a longer hike to a shelter past Rosary Lake chain while the rest took a shorter trail back to the lodge and start. The shelter was quite complete with wood stove and solar panels to produce lights when needed. We also noticed a trap door on the second level so hikers could enter the shelter when the main entrance was covered by snow. 

On the  return hike we passed several lakes and even saw some campers. Still lots of wild flowers and greenery. Rosary Lakes were gorgeous with Pulpit Rock above. Very photogenic. Even though it was about a 10 mile hike it seemed easy because we took it at a leisurely pace with several breaks while waiting for stragglers. 

All in all a rather long day. It was after 7pm by the time everyone got back to Roseburg. But most certainly a well worthwhile trip.   

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