Lava Lakes Club Campout - August 2011
Narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Katchan Terasawa

Because last year’s camping- hiking trip had been so successful, the Friends of the Umpqua Hiking club went back to Lava Lake on the Cascade Lakes Highway, some 32 miles from Bend.  Camile graciously agreed to be coordinator for the trip.  It was somewhat of a challenge as early on very few members signed on, later many members said they would go and finally about ten campers showed up ready to do battle with the mosquitoes and the rather cold nights, (it even got down to 34 degrees one night).  Days were very warm.

The first hike planned was to take the trail from the Broken Top Trailhead down to Green Lakes, leaving a car at the  Green Lakes Trailhead.  The snow prohibited driving to that trailhead so members took the trail going up from Todd Lake which intersects the planned trail.  This worked well and gave hikers a taste of the high mountain meadows bisected by occasional streams and the views of South Sister and Brokentop that make that trail such a glorious hike.  The hikers all followed that trail until they came to the lakes. After lunch some took off up the Green Lakes trail towards Park Meadows for the ridge which separates Broken Top and the views of Tan McArthur and the other Sisters, which utterly make going the extra distance worth it.

Three other hikers went for the Green Lakes Trail head and showers.  Two others started down the trail and then branched off on the trail to Moraine Lake, ending at the Devil’s Lake Trailhead.  Several of the hikers who climbed the ridge also went out via the Devil’s Lake Trailhead leaving the shuttle car drivers to retrieve the car at Todd Lake for the rides back to camp .  Hiking mileage ranged from 11.2 miles to over 15 miles depending on the hike taken.

The second day’s hike was the loop out and back on the Wickiup  Plain trail including a scramble up  Le Contre Crater  which is worth every dusty mosquito-bitten step for the spectacular views.  The views of South Sister and the astounding moraine that has collected through the eons is incredible.  Five hikers did this hike with two going further along the Wickiup than their slower friends. 

Others decided to kayak on some of the wonderful lakes in the area, Sparks Lake and Hosner lakes are kayaker’s delight with their clear waters and awesome reflected scenery.

All hikers decided that the wonderful mountains were worth visiting and putting a few dusty boot prints on the trails was good for the soul.

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