Grasshopper Mountain - September 3, 2011
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

On Saturday, 3 SEP 2011 9 friends of the Umpqua Hikers plus two guests traveled South to Canyonville, turning East there through Days Creek and then 7 miles East of Tiller to Road 29 to the trailhead for Acker Divide. Although it was forecast to be extremely hot in Roseburg, it was quite comfortable in the mountains.

We hiked for four hours and 40 minutes, including break times, and covered an estimated 7 miles, although it seemed like more. Starting at Acker Divide trail head we hiked a complete circle with one dog leg up to the top of Grasshopper Mountain where we had our lunch. The view from the top was quite nice, with High rock on one side and we could see Quartz Mountain or Cliff Lake in the opposite direction.

There were a few wild flowers but we also found numerous edible berries, i.e. thimble berries, red huckleberries,  blackberries and something that looked very much like a salmon egg used for fishing. Also saw quite a few fish jumping in Cliff Lake.

Most of the hike was shaded,  through a forest of fir and cedar trees though one section through an old burn was more exposed and a bit warmer. It wasn't a particularly hard hike except for those of us who had hiked to Thielson the previous week and had not fully recovered. We older hikers just don't recuperate as quickly as the younger ones. One of our guest hikers was a young high school math teacher starting her second year of teaching at Roseburg High School. She is a good hiker.

It was interesting to note that From the top of Grasshopper Mountain, Cliff Lake looked blue, but when we were at lake level with hills in the background, the water looked green.

Long ride to the hike but great hike overall.

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