Tipanogas Lake to Sawtooth Mountain - October 1, 2011
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Bill Riley

Seventeen hikers drove to Timpanogas using the nifty short cut that Edwin had discovered, and the divisiveness started.  Mike went fishing, Gary and Nancy went around Indigo Lake, the Mizell/Brown sector went up the trail to Indigo/'Sawtooth and Lois led  ( pointed out the way is more like it)  the rest of them on the Sawtooth Trail all the  way around Sawtooth with the intention of coming down the Indigo Lake Trail and then back to the car at Timpanogas Lake. One hiker cleverly turned back when there was a sharp downturn on the pass around Sawtooth.

On the map it didn't show the ups and downs and Lois misjudged the distance which was much farther than  estimated from the map. So the hikers continued, steep up and steep down till they stopped for lunch at 2 p.m. at the almost top of Sawtooth, which Edwin and Rick did climb.  The top was terrific, worth the total laborious climbs and descents. Coming down from the top on the porous pumice slope was exciting and there, the Mizell/Brown contingent was met going up on
their way to the top.  The pumice knob itself was worth the trip
The groups separated, the two who climbed to the top were left by the others who wanted to get started back.  The Jensens had not arrived yet. So seven went on down the mountain heading for the Indigo Lake trail junction.  Those seven, including the feckless leader went on and on for many miles completely missing the Indigo trail connection. They  racked up 14 miles before they finished the Windy Mt. trail and made it back to Timpanogas.   They fortunately  had met two hikers coming down from climbing Cowhorn Mtn. who told them which trail they had inadvertently taken, so they knew where they were, Lois having taken that trail the previous Saturday.

Ray offered some comfort pointing out that several other hikers had missed the trail to Indigo but were corrected  in time and that the trail wasn't obvious.  Everyone got home even if in the dark and many said they liked the hike.  The bright side was that there were no mosquitoes and the only rain was in the parking lot at 8 a.m.  It was a Richard hike without Richard and a "mea culpa" hike on Lois’ part but at least everyone will remember the hike.

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