Mildred Knipe Park - January 21, 2012
Coordinator John Malone, narration by Bill Riley and pictures by Bill Riley and Rheo Wheeler

Saturday, 14 die-hard  hikers collected at the Mildred Kanipe Park East of Oakland for their bi-monthly hike, under leadership of John Malone. John, Lois and Jane had "pre-hiked" the route the day before and got thoroughly soaked by rain. Lois and Jane decided that enough was enough!

We started hiking about 0930 and finished by 1230, hiking 8 1/2 miles mostly through oak forested area. We were extremely lucky as it only rained about 5 minutes during our hike and at times we actually had blue skies above. But the trail was wet and at times flooded. Unfortunately, when people walk on a trail, they create a depression. Then when it rains the rainwater runs down the trail creating a gully.

The hike was not considered rugged, but more complex as we actually completed three separate loops, all under the watchful guidance of our leader John,  who would stop periodically to consult his map,  to make sure we were heading in the right direction.

We had three new, young hikers with us Saturday. Of the 12 who started the hike, 5 did the total 8 miles.

Mildred Kanipe's maternal grandfather, Thomas Baimbridge, was born in England. He came to Oakland in 1876. In 1902 John Kanipe married Sarah Baimbridge and they bought additional land in Oakland. Mildred was born there and lived there her entire life. Being the only "son" in the family she learned farming and logging and ran their 1100 acres of land. In her will she passed the farm to the County for use as a park. Several old pieces of farm equipment can still be seen on the ranch and a family buggy was moved from the Douglas County Museum to the ranch where it is visible in one of the sheds.

As is usual,  the club lucked out with the weather and the hike was good mileage for a short road trip.   Congratulations to all who turned out despite the weather.

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