Brice Creek - February 18, 2012
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler narration and pictures by Diane Rannow

Saturday dawned rainy and iffy, but at 8 am 15 hearty souls were ready for an adventure. The ride up to Cottage Grove started out sunny and clear, but the farther north, the iffier it became. It was a little rainy as we split into two groups, the upper Trestle Falls, and the lower Trestle Falls. Upper really means upper so you begin
 climbing right away, and it lasts for about 1 to 1.5 miles.

Then the FABULOUS UPPER TRESTLE FALLS. Plenty of water, and Mother Nature decided we needed MORE water. This came in the form of Hail, Rain, and
 Snow. We didn't encounter the precipitation until after lunch, which some of us enjoyed at Lund Park while the others lunched at Cedar Creek.

The upper group hiked about 7-8.5 miles while the lower group did about 5-6 miles. Enjoy a few Pics.

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