Blacklock Point to Floras Lake -April 28, 2012
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Bill Riley & Lindsey Jeffers

There were four  newbie hikers, including Aiden, Richard’s grandson and two others on their second outing with the club.  Richard and grandson were going to spend the night.  On April 28 under grey skies, nineteen people turned out for the hike with no great expectations of anything except rain.  Nearing the coast, hikers were amazed to see blue skies which persisted throughout the hike.  They left a car at Flores Lake and then turned off at the Airport Road to begin the trek to Blacklock Point.  Although the lakes that had surrounded Coquille and the fields  around it had mostly drained so that even the fence posts were once again visible, the trail into Blacklock Point was through a series of ponds of differing colors, ranging from maroon, weak tea and chocolate and depths from inches to over-the-boot depths.  Everyone maneuvered the pools remaining  relatively dry.

At Blacklock Point, the views were terrific, there were huge waves coming in and they were capped with enormous white plumes.  Some hikers went out on the promontory at Blacklock , others were content to watch for whales from the adjoining cliff.  The hikers then turned back along the trail to the Pacific Trail sign for Flores Lake and hiked back until they came out to another cliff plateau where lunch was consumed with everyone enjoying the beautiful day and the marvelous waves coming in to the cliffs past Flores Lake.

The trail to Flores Lake is beautiful with huge spruce trees, ferns, salal, huckleberry bushes and iris which weren’t in bloom yet.  A downed tree across the trail entailed various coping methods, some crawled under the tree and some went around which was no easy task on the steep slope.  The view from that slope is especially beautiful with the stream, which had to be jumped, meandering through a shaded leafy glen on its way to join the ocean. The hike concluded with a couple of miles along the beach and then around the south side of Flores Lake. It was a very congenial group whose only complaint was that the trip out and back on the highway took longer than the actual hike which was about six and six tenths miles.  Next time a trip down the beach before exploring  Blacklock point might be a good plan.

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