Dellenback Dunes - June 9, 2013
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler

Saturday dawned without the rain we were all expecting. Only 5 brave souls and Talon our well-behaved 4 legged friend set out for Umpqua Dunes. Not even the elk were out at our bathroom stop. The weather was glorious- sunny- no wind in the AM.

The hike over the dunes had the beach end in sight from the mountains of sand. The trip through the deflation plain was much less watery due to the new boardwalk keeping our feet mostly dry. Unusual flotsam or jetsam on the beach, some floats clearly marked with Japanese writing. Some kind of solar power floating, fiberglass wrapped "thingey' still emitting its blinking light signal.

Hiked to Eel creek and followed it upstream and with some bushwacking, arrived back on the dunes.

The Forest Service had an informational set-up back at the parking lot so we had a short learning session before heading home. Also we had to rid ourselves from some 8 legged tag-alongs we encountered at the parking area. Note to self- sit at the picnic table to change shoes, not grass.

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