Deadfall Lakes and Mount Eddy - June 25, 2012
Narration and pictures by Ray Jensen

The last full day of our club summer campout at Lake Siskiyou, CA. I had been drooling over the description of Deadfall Lakes in Sullivan’s book and after some discussion we decided to attempt a hike up to the lakes and possibly Mt Eddy if we could even make it to the TH. Mt Eddy is the highest point in the Klamath Mountains. Nine members went on this gorgeous hike – Diane, Lois, John, Jennifer, Ray & Linda, Merle, Katchan, and his friend Al. After rain for the last two days this day turned out nice with plenty of sunshine. On the way to the TH we passed a wet hillside above 6000’ which was full of Darlingtonia Californica which was a surprise. The most I have ever seen outside of Eight Dollar Mtn.

It was 42 degrees at the TH at 6440’ after driving over one large snow drift on road. A week earlier we wouldn’t have made it. It looked to be a gorgeous day. From the TH we first walked over a large, wet meadow and crossed Deadfall Creek and its tributaries several times as we started climbing trying to keep our feet dry but not everyone was successful. The nine of us spread out considerably climbing up, up, and up through several connecting meadows with some wildflowers in bloom. We passed some odd trail markers nailed high up on trees which were old CA license plates – one dated 1938! Was this a joke or for real 1938 winter markers?? After 1 ½ miles we came to the PCT intersection at 7200’ and some of us detoured to Lower Deadfall Lake and rested and took in the view of the beautiful high alpine country of granite. We were spread out and proceeded to climb even more to Middle and Upper Deadfall Lakes. From Upper Deadfall we got a really good view of Mt Eddy coated in snow and knew that climbing it was not going to be a picnic. This was turning into quite an adventure as some had never hiked in such an alpine-like place. Lois, Linda, Diane, and Al made it to, or in the vicinity of, Upper Deadfall Lake at 7790’ at approx 3 miles. The air temperature was very, very cool but the sun was bright and nice.

Merle, Jennifer, John, Katchan, and I (barely) were further ahead and continued by switchbacking up a ridge on the side of Mt Eddy. We persevered and completed the climb to the top of Mt Eddy at 9025’! The climb was extremely strenuous. The wind was blowing and the wind chill was probably somewhere in the 20’s – Wow! I definitely felt the thin air. It had snowed the last two days up there and the white bark pines were covered with snow on their southwest sides which made them spectacular. The views made it all worthwhile - beautiful Mt Shasta, the Trinity Alps, and others. Black Butte looked dinky. Very, very scenic!

On the way down we detoured to Middle Deadfall Lake and rested and snoozed in the warm sun (and John serenaded us with an ole time tune). Further down we saw a newborn fawn lying motionless less than 12’ from the trail. It looked to be only a few weeks old. We took lots of pictures and it never moved so much as a hair. Built in instincts are amazing! Hope mama returned. !!!

It was a memorable and out of our norm hike which everyone remarked they really enjoyed. This was truly a hike to remember and one I would highly recommend if you like the alpine type environment.

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