Lake Siskiyou Club Campground, Club Campout - June 2012
Narration and pictures by Diane Rannow

This year's club campout was to Northern California with a hike to Castle Crags the main focus of the trip.  Since the Castle Crags Campground was already closed, we made reservations at nearby Lake Siskiyou Campground.  Anticipating 15 or 16 tent campers, we had reservations for four campsites adjacent to each other and near a restroom.  We weren't near the lake, but in a quieter part of the campground.

Check-in was a little confusing as you could only check-in and pay for the people actually there with you.  The site rates were a flat fee for 2 people and 1 vehicle and additional people were more.  Since the group arrived at different times and not everyone was going to be there the whole time, it was a challenge to keep it all straight.

This is a very large campground (over 200 acres) and the campsites were roomy and not crowded together like some campgrounds are.  A couple of our group had an RV & got their own site and others got motel rooms in the nearby town.  Lake Siskiyou is a fairly large lake with a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta.  After setting up camp, we walked down to the lake.  There's a free swimming area and a couple of brave souls even got in the water.  It was too late when we got there to take advantage of the boat rentals or splash zone.  

We enjoyed seeing deer near our campsite and a bald eagle flew overhead. Unfortunately one camper had unwelcome visitors... some kind of rodent chewed through his tent in search of the edibles inside.  We didn't see the critters, just the evidence.


A fun group of people and a wonderful trip.

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