North Bank Habitat - July 21, 2012
Coordinator John Malone, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

On Saturday the 21st of July, 13 hikers collected at the West Entrance to the North Bank Habitat. Under the guidance of John Malone we climbed to the ridge North of North Bank Road. Then instead of turning East towards Glide, we turned West and followed the ridge line. This involved a lot of ups and downs as it was not a steady ridge. If you look at the picture "North Bank Road looking West" you can see the ridge on which we hiked. John said the distance was 8.5 miles. Lindsey said it was 7.5 by his GPS devise. Total time was 4 hours. It was overcast the entire time so not too hot.

Unfortunately we could not get a glimpse of Scott Mountain, but did get a good look at Sutherlin. Saw lots of poison oak, thistles and various types of grasses along with cedar, fir and madrone trees. One picture taken from the top looking East shows a straight road. This is North Bank Road and the point from which I took the final picture back looking West. Most of us took the longer route following Middle Ridge Road to the Boundary Ridge trail. A few took a shorter route via Chasm Creek which was perhaps 6.5 or 7 miles in length and not so much climbing. We did not see any wild life except a few birds, but did see some rather large scat on the trail. Bob cats and cougars have been seen in this area at times.


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