Crater Lake Boat Tour - September 2012
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Bill Riley & Diane Rannow

The Crater Lake expedition went well. Everyone left home really early,  people were already there in the parking lot by a little  after 7 a.m. and the group left the parking lot at 7:30, and headed off to arrive at  Cleetwood Cove around 10 a.m.  This is even after the coordinator relented and let everyone have a potty stop at Watson Creek Falls.  All the worries about road construction making the group late for the boat departure proved unfounded.

We hiked down the trail and  everyone got on the boat in good time. It was a perfect day for a boat ride in an awesome place.  Ranger Dave was the Geologist for the ride and he was so enthusiastic that the talk was a lot of fun as well as being educational.  Got to Wizard Island  and listened to the warnings about what would happen if we weren't there to be picked up -- mostly a $100 fine.  All but one of us climbed up the cone of the volcano -within-a volcano then down the crater 760 feet, to the bottom then back up the other side.  The rim of the cone itself is lined with the stark ghostly white bodies of long-dead whitebark pine trees which outlined against the blue of the lake or the sky were truly amazingly beautiful.

The two tireless hikers, Edwin and Jennifer investigated the emerald green and turquoise pools around Fumarole Bay with Edwin having to run for the boat at departure time. According to Sullivan, the mileage for most of us was about 5 miles, which given the altitude satisfied our hiking urge.  What mileage Jennifer and Edwin racked up is unknown. Coming back, most of the hikers spent some time at the dock with tired feet in the ice cold waters of the lake enjoying the September sun while waiting for the boat back to the mainland.

The boat ride back was interesting but most of the hikers were tired enough that they welcomed their arrival at the dock and the trail back to the parking lot which was steep and dusty, very steep, very dusty but still beautiful.

Comments ranged from “ Really great day”  to “What’s next?”


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