Tipsoo Peak - September 29, 2012
Coordinator John Malone, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

It was the second time I have been to Tipsoo. Last year was much earlier and parts of the ground were frozen. This year it was later and much dryer. I saw some small huckleberry plants but no fruit...still lots of mushrooms and small trees. The ground was very dry and it wouldn't take much to get a fire started.

There were around 18 hikers including a new woman, Christi, who lives around Rice Hill and is a Free Lance writer having already published three books. Our friendly vet was back again as was Merle the Merchant Marine Ship Captain along with his daughter and son in law. Nice additions. Richard and Dollie even joined us this time plus the regulars, John, Rheo, Jane, Lois and Edwin.

Because of dust on the road to the trail head we got momentarily disoriented on the way up. We had laid back to let the dust settle and when we came to a "Y" did not know which way the cars ahead of us had gone. We took a short detour to the top of a mountain and look out and then backtracked and eventually caught up with the group. John our leader was ahead of us but there was so much dust on the road they didn't even see the "Y" so didn't stop for us. Besides there was so much dust behind them they couldn't tell if we were coming along or not.

It was a reasonably cool day and quite clear so got a good view of Thielson and Maidu (questionable spelling) and saw tooth mountains. Christi did take a fall, on level ground, on way down and Jane and Lois were quickly there to apply first aid to a scraped knee and a cool cloth to stop the dizziness. We were soon all on our way again. We were back off the mountain and in our cars by about 1400 hrs. Gary estimated the total distance hided was about 6.5 miles A good day of hiking.


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