Bradley Trail to North Umpqua Trail, Jessie Wright Segment- November 11, 2012 Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Bill Riley

Seven members of the club looked out at the cold and damp November day and decided to hike despite the less than  good weather.  They were rewarded for their persistence by wonderful hiking weather, not too hot or cold or wet with beautiful images of the trees with their first decoration of snow for the winter.  Starting at the Bradley trailhead off Medicine Creek Road, the trail was a consistently downhill to the intersection with the Soda Springs Trail, where the trail headed up and up to Pine Bench.

The four gentlemen, the tall fast hikers, quickly  made it to Pine Bench where they could look down the canyon where Boulder Creek splashes unseen and across the canyon to Wild Rose Point which is covered with snow.  When the three lady hikers arrived, they were informed that when the men had arrived there was snow on the Bench but that they had such a measured pace (read slow) that the snow had time to melt.  The ladies figured that hot air was a factor in any snowmelt where the fast hikers were.

Backtracking, the hikers took trail number 1552, a steep zip- zag route, down from the Bench, hooking up with the Jessie Wright segment and coming out at  Marster’s Bridge. There were streams along the way into which the hikers peered in hopes of seeing spawning salmon but the only fish spotted was a dead salmon across the Umpqua River.

The good weather held long enough for the group to enjoy a dry lunch among the huge boulders along the trail where the club traditionally dines.  The group checked out the Eagle Creek Bridge which the club helped to finance.  Some were surprised that there was no mention that some of Richard Sommer’s bequest had been spent on materials to build the bridge.

It was a good hike, especially since the group made an effort to stay in contact, a safety factor particularly in the winter time.  It was nice to see Susanne one of the early club members.  Thanks are owed to John for taking the lead for the fast hikers and being back-up for the coordinator.


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