Seven Devils Wayside, Oregon Coast - January 19, 2013
Coordinator Diane Rannow, Narration and Pictures by Diane Rannow

After a week of cold and heavy fog in the valley, we were looking forward to some sunshine at the ocean.  It's been sunny there all week and the forecast is for some morning fog and then sun.  Little did we know that it would be grey and foggy all day.  There was also a frost advisory and a marine weather warning for strong surf and sneaker waves as a result of a distant storm system.  Twelve us us headed for the ocean.  The drivers were challenged with freezing fog and icy roads.  Even though we can hike as far as we want on a flat sand beach, four of the longer distance hikers arranged to do a shuttle that would allow them to hike from Seven Devils Wayside to Bullards Beach for a 8.3 mile hike.  They had fog all day too.

As we were getting our boots on, another hiker arrived with her two dogs.  We don't mind if you bring your dog, but ask that you keep them on a leash.  Two of our group decided it was too cold to hike and sat in the car until lunch time.  Leaving the parking area, we took a tiny, muddy trail along the edge of a driftwood choked notch that puts us on the beach.  Heading north along the fog shrouded beach, we start seeing jelly fish stranded on the sand.  The tide is WAY out at +1.7 ft. at 12:30.  Because of the wave action, we aren't able to look for critters on the rocks.  Occasionally hikers had to dash away from sneaker waves.  In about 1.5 miles, we arrive at a difficult creek crossing and decide this is a good place to turn around and head back to the parking area for lunch.  It's nice having picnic tables and a restroom available.

After lunch we all head south along the beach toward Whisky Run Beach.  Our goal is Five Mile Point which is about 1.4 miles away.  Our first challenge is crossing wide, shallow Two Mile Creek... impossible to get across with dry feet unless you had high-top waterproof boots.  Mine weren't.  We continued seeing a few critters on the beach... a couple of ochre sea stars, some little fish, and a large drift log covered with goose necked barnacles.  Thoughts of getting around Five Mile Point were dashed as the water was in too far.  So, we head back to the cars.  One area of the cliffs had jagged white rocks (sandstone) poking out like rows of shark teeth.

In spite of the cold and fog, it was a satisfying day at the ocean.  We've done about 6 miles.  Everyone is ready to head for home and a hot shower.


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