Dog Creek Indian Caves and Chimney Arch - April 27, 2013
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Dante Labadie, Kevin Bernhardt and Lindsey Jeffers

It is a steep downhill 1.75 mile hike down the various ridges on the trail that leads to the Indian caves with their pictographs. The caves are splendid geological features even without the magic shaman glyphs and an arch frames a vista which includes Limpy Rock. Added bonuses are the fairy slipper orchids (Calypso Bulbosa) all along the trail. The Kalmiopsis were just short of full bloom around the caves. Some of these rare plants were even growing in the crevices of the caves. It was a tempting thought to bring a Kalmiopsis sprig to the Glide Wildflower show currently in full swing but the thoughts of being beaten for picking a bloom by irate wildflower connoisseurs took care of that impulse.

After making their way back to the cars, on a trail which seems twice as long going up as down, Edwin of the silver tongue talked some of the hikers into going up FS road # 2627 to see Chimney Arch. According to Edwin, it is a short drive up the mountain and a short not too steep hike to the arch.. Some hikers grumbled that he had been associating with Richard too much when it comes to underplaying the difficulty involved in undertakings. The arch itself is amazing, like something one can see in Arches National Park in Utah, the difference is all the trees, moss and other greenery which surrounds this arch. In a different more accessible area, without all the vegetation, it would be worthy of being declared a national monument. The group was grateful to Edwin for showing us this natural wonder. Up top, from where we stood, we could see the Umpqua Valley clear to the Callahan Mountains. That little jaunt made the hike a respectable distance, close to 6.5 miles.

The wounds to the vehicles and the organizer’s ear were worth all the energy expended on a great spring hike.

For more pictures see Lindsey's picasa album or Valerie Johnson's skydrive album


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