Cape Blanco - October 12, 2013
Coordinator Richard O'Neill, narration and pictures by Richard O'Neill

12 hardy souls set made the journey to Cape Blanco under less than optimal weather; we picked up two more guest hikers and one dog at the trailhead. Their journey was not as long as ours!

Leaving the Hughes House trailhead, we set off through the grasslands flanking the Sixes River as a light drizzle set in. When we hit the beach, the drizzle morphed from light drizzle to heavy drizzle and finally settling on light rain. We quickly put on our rain gear and bravely soldiered on the beach. It was a nice low tide and we had plenty of wet sand to walk on before we reached the bottom of the cape. Large flocks of noisy seagulls screeched annoyance at our arrival.

A short and brisk climb on a well-worn path took us to the top of the cape. After some deliberation, we walked up the road to the lighthouse where some took the docent's tour before returning to the cars. The rest of just dropped off the south side of the cape for a longer hike and ate lunch by Needle Rock which looks rather squat and unneedlelike, just like me.

As we ate, the clouds thinned out and leaked sunlight onto the surface of the ocean; the sight of sunlight gladdened our hearts. A beach walk followed by a tricky log crossing brought us to the campground road. A short climb returned us to the Oregon Coast Trail atop the coastal bluffs. As we walked, we enjoyed more and more sunlight and by the time we reached the Sixes River it turned out to be a nice day, after all.


For more pictures see my flickr album

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