Blacklock Point to Floras Lake - March 30, 2013
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Loia Soulia and pictures by Rachel Swieck

The “newbies” were one third of the group of nine that turned out to hike from Blacklock Point to Floras Lake. The club gained three new members, Mike, Madalyn and Cathy.

Roseburg was socked in with a cold gray fog at the parking lot at 8 a.m. The group sorted out into a convoy of 3 vehicles and headed out to the coast. Driving west, the weather turned into a brilliant sparkling lovely day of spring. Daffodils were plentiful in field and road verge, some still surviving in sheep pastures complete with lambs a’leaping.

After dropping off John’s pickup at the day use area by Floras Lake, (there is no charge for parking in the day use area) the other two cars loads made their way down the Airport Drive road (county road No. 160) to the Blacklock Point trailhead. There wasn’t too much water in the trail going up to the point because of the unusually dry month of March. The vista at the point was enthralling, and of course our two stalwart climbers, Jane and John ate their lunch at the tip of the peninsula, later joined by Maureen. Whales were rumored to be migrating but even with eighteen eyes searching none were to be seen.

After lunch the group made their way back along the trail until they turned north on the Coast trail which provided some interesting maneuvers around, over and under blow down on the trail especially coming down the Floras Creek ravine. The glade is in its most beautiful season, lovely green mosses and bushes, and very pungent skunk cabbage with its bright yellow blooms startling in the shady green. The bridge across the Floras creek is now usable.

At the end of the hike it was decided that the “longer route” is only about 6 1/2 miles at the most and future hikes might include a trip to the Sixes River before heading for Floras Lake. Of course the wonderful weather at the coast fostered a desire to linger. One car load decided that it had been a wonderful hike, good weather, beautiful scenery, good company and the only thing missing was a whale to watch.

  • Blacklock Point Cliffs
  • Blacklock Point Skunk Cabbage


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