Beaver Swamp Trailhead to Rocky Ridge and Twin Lakes Alternative Hike - July 6, 2013 Coordinator Rocky Ridge-Edwin Case/Coordinator Twin Lakes-Jane Flewelling, narration by Lindsey Jeffers and Lois Soulia, pictures by Lindsay Jeffers and Kevin Bernhardt

Rocky Ridge Hike:
Edwin, John, Jim and Lindsey had a fine time on the Rocky Ridge, although both Jim and Lindsey may have found it a bit rougher than expected. Lindsey ran out of water on the way back, and Jim took a couple more rests than usual. But all made it back safely and Lindsey took a number of pictures. The trip turned out to be ten miles in and out and climbing 3300 feet, according to the GPS. They also clambered over and under more fallen trees than Lindsey can recollect on any other Oregon trail. A significant amount of trail maintenance needs to be done on the lower portion where the trail goes through a burned forest. Not only are the trees an issue, but encroaching brush and sliding foot-beds make the going difficult. But that is all in the nature of wilderness. The views are really stupendous along the ridge, and the work that Edwin did on rebuilding sections of the trail is holding up well.

When Jane, Edwin and Lois previewed the hike, (in the rain) they were concerned that the hike wasn’t suitable for less experienced hikers. They decided to propose an alternative hike, Twin Lakes The threesome were fortunate to see a large bear running down the road as they left for home. Third bear sighting for Edwin in as many weeks. Edwin likes the view from Rocky ridge well enough to return to coordinate it and put in even more trailwork.

Rocky Ridge

Twin Lakes Hike:
It was fortunate that Jane led an alternative hike to Twin Lakes because several “newbies” came for the hike and wouldn’t have been happy with Rocky Ridge. Jane led some to the view point which was awesome as always. Craig led another newbie and Lois dawdled along the two lakes with the newer hikers who loved the lakes but not the thought of climbing the rocky bluff which overlooks them. Wildflowers were still out including Clintonia (Queen’s Cup) the giant blue Flax, and multitudes of the Striped Coral Root along the upper lake. Still a little chilly for swimming, however. It was a really good place to be on a very hot day. Distances were about 5 miles or 3 depending on who did what.


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