Crater Lake Rim Trail - September 14, 2013
CoordinatorLois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Kevin Bernhardt and Richard O'Neill

Saturday, September 14, eleven hikers set out for Crater Lake in four vehicles. It was misty and cloudy at the beginning but soon the sky was blue with fluffy clouds which drifted, changed and dissolved as the drive headed east up Highway 138, past Diamond Lake and on up to the national park.

Dropping a car off at the Watchman Viewpoint parking area, the group drove up to the Rim Village from where they started the hike downhill along the rim. Of course, no hike is “downhill all the way”. A new hiker, finding the effects of high altitude too much for her, dropped out of the hike after the first fourth of a mile. She was resourceful and caught a ride up to the rim village where she explored some of the trails around that complex enjoying the day if not the hike.

The hikers “ooohed and ahhed” at the wonderful views as they progressed along the rim. The weather was at that poignant stage of late summer with a hint of winter’s chill to come and enough lovely sunshine to sparkle on the lake and remind everyone of the joys of summer weather. It made the hike particularly pleasant.

At lunch with a view, (some wag remarked ”It’s a shame that there’s nothing to see”), the chipmunks which the purists among the group had to call “ground squirrels” provided entertainment. The journey to the shuttle car continued with all but four of the ten hikers climbing the 1.6 mile trek up to the Watchman fire watch tower where the view is 360 degrees of awesome.

The group congregated at the shuttle car, our new hiker was collected at the rim and all went home with the feeling of a day well spent.

Note from the coordinator: It could be a longer hike with different views to start at the viewing overlook before the one taken this hike, (Hillman), near the Watchman Lookout. Some members would have preferred a slightly longer hike.

for more pictures see Richard O'Neill's Flicker Album

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