Tioga Segment of the North Umpqua Trail - September 28, 2013
Coordinator Gary Waugaman, narration by Gary Waugaman and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

Yes, we know this was planned as a hike of the 3rd section of the Fall Trail. However, all five brave souls that showed up to hike agreed that given the impending storm a hike on the North Umpqua Trail would be a better choice for the day.

We started our morning off by crossing the new Tioga Bridge, heading down river, around (but not up to the top of) Bob Butte, and eventually to the Swiftwater TH where we had cleverly stashed a vehicle for the trip back to our starting location.

While the 7.5-mile trek with nearly 3,400 feet in cumulative elevation gain was certainly fulfilling, we decided to visit the “dynamite hole” on Steamboat Creek and check out the fish count. Lee, the guardian of the hole, noted that there were about 200+ steelhead awaiting the annual rise in creek level so that they could get up-creek to their spawning area.

By the way, it never rained while we were hiking or while we were visiting the dynamite hole. Just goes to show why the weather folks call it a “forecast” not a “prediction”.



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