North Bank Deer Habitat - January 4, 2014
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Richard O'Neill

January 4, in the new year of 2014, was foggy and cold in Roseburg but the 23 hikers who gathered in the parking lot meeting place figured that the fog would burn off and they would earn some winter sun on the habitat. Boy was that wrong, the sky provided a beautiful blue dome with sunshine all right -the next day, Sunday. The fog settled in so that even the highest ridges were shrouded in the shifting swirling winter fog.

The hikers divided into two group; those 11 who chose the shorter, more moderate hike of five miles under the leadership –from behind style of Lois, from the east entrance to the cars at the west entrance arriving, about 11:30. Richard had opted to lead a more strenuous Richard hike going up to the North Boundary road and down the Bear Tree trail. Somehow his group of 12 ran away from him and they came down a different route, Bear Tree Trail, while Richard took the Middle Ridge route. At almost the bottom of the downward trek, Jane fell and broke her wrist. That brave lady walked the last mile to her car and then drove home on her own and after her husband took her to the hospital found that the wrist had been broken.

Lois’ Soup Kitchen was open from noon to about 3 p.m. as hikers from the different groups arrived at different times. Some members augmented the soup offerings with many goodies and an amazing amount of food was consumed. Good time was had by all except our intrepid Jane.

For pictures see Richard O'Neill's Flickr album

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